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Tucked away in Golden Bay, Zatori Retreat is just the ticket for rest, relaxation and adventure. We asked Tracey from Zatori a few questions to learn more about her slice of heaven in Golden Bay.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you offer at Zatori.
Zatori is a boutique type lodge in gorgeous Golden Bay. I brought an old hospital at the end of 2013 for a bargain price, but then proceeded to spend a fortune giving the old building back her grace and dignity and bringing her up to compliance. The local council were beyond useless and completely obstructive which is utterly ridiculous as I have created a huge new tourist development and I am single handily changing the life in Collingwood! I have raised the bar and am continuing to do so with 2 years trading under my belt now. Golden Bay is a delight, a bit quirky and even old school but an awesome destination especially out of season. My most common complaint from guests is that they did not stay long enough, there is simply loads to do here 🙂

Where can people find you?
Zatori is situated on state highway 60, so is very easy access and we overlook the Collingwood Inlet which is constantly changing picturesque land and seascape.

How did you get into the accommodation & venue industry?
It’s a funny story how I got here. I put a crazy low tender in for the property, and being the only offer the DHB took it! Honestly l got a hell of a fright, as I didn’t really mean to buy a hospital!

What is your most favourite part of your job?
Favourite part of the job is meeting cool people and also being my own boss and able to sneak out for paddle board with my dog almost anytime. My cell phone is waterproof so I usually end up answering the phone while out paddling, it’s fun being so flexible.

What is one piece of advice you have for small business owners?
My advice to other new business owners is to build a good solid team around you.


What accounting system (if any) were you using before moving to Xero? How did that compare to Xero?

I love Xero. Before that in my previous business I used MYOB and think Xero is fair superior, l love its intuitive abilities.

Why did you choose our Sidekick service for your business?
Ric has been great with all his support and outside the square ideas, much appreciated when l have been flapping about racking my brain to find another angle or solution.

Do you have any deals that you’d like to share?
We have a Singles Ball coming up! It’s going to be absolutely awesome!! Come to Golden Bay & have a fantastic time! Every single person there will be single!!!! There will be red carpet, champagne on arrival, beautiful canapes all night and an awesome 5 piece band to dance to all night. Please go to & pop onto events tab or ring me 0225483105 or email

Please follow us on Instagram as I am much better at using that than Facebook!

Zatori has free wifi everywhere here, free paddle boards, kayaks & push bikes. We do amazing whole foods and the shared facility wing is from $60pp. We welcome Christmas parties and also do great deals for conference packages – a perfect place to work & focus. We are also just getting into wellness retreats, so there is something here for everyone.


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