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If you’re a lover of good cheese, then like us, you’re going to want to find out more about our clients Kaikoura Cheese. We got to know them a little better with the few questions below, you can also check out the video to see them in action.

Where can people find Kaikoura Cheese?
Our base is 45 West End, Kaikoura, it’s in the middle of town.

How did you get into the industry?
I tried to get work within the industry around 2010 but no one would give me a job. I had no experience in farming or cheese making. So my wife and I decided just to startup our own thing. We registered Kaikoura cheese Ltd as a business, bought 3 goats, a few books about cheese and farming. When people see you giving it a go the information and knowledge turns up pretty fast.

Are there any lessons learnt from business struggles or challenges that you’ve overcome, that you can share with other business owners?
Don’t let perfection become an enemy of the good.

What accounting system (if any) were you using before moving to Xero? How did that compare to Xero?
Pretty much went straight to Xero. Our first year we used a 12 column cash book and wrote everything in with a pencil. The business was quite small.

Why did you choose our Sidekick service for your business?
Quite progressive in your service with communication and simplicity. The networking aspect is interesting as well. I could feel the same drive within Sidekick as with my business.

We’re sure the choices are endless, but what is your favourite cheese, or one that you recommend people to try, that they might not have tried before?
I would have to say that our very own Tenara is my number one go to. Although it can be visually challenging it’s quite delicate in flavour and very creamy.

Do you have any new products announcements that you’d like to share?
We have just released a Tomme style cheese which is semi hard. Sometimes we wash it in beer or brine. Sometimes we wash it in wine or no wash at all. The cheese can have a mix of goats and cows milk or sometimes it’s a single milk cheese.

You fan find Kaikoura Cheese anywhere online here: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

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